Our kennel was established in 2014.
We thought about the name of our kennel about a year. Variously we tried to put together the names of our dogs, but we weren't enthusiasm of these shapes. We also thought about name "Císařský kámen" (Imperial Stone) - it's a hill with an observation tower and a memorial stone. However, kennel "z Císařského kamene" is already registered. "z pod Císařského kamene" (Under the Imperial stone) seemed to us too awkward and in German (as master wanted) is too hard name for collie's sweet and tender face.
We thought that we could use the name of part the village where we live - "z Dolních Hájů" (from the Lower Groves) and this name we liked in English, too. Even so, we weren't completely satisfied with the name and we were looking for  move on. In some tourist maps we found a hill Hradešín. It is actually a hill, where we love to go for walks and it is a short walk from our village. So, it was created name "z Hradešína".