* 6. 2. 2007

MDR1 +/+

* 30. 10. 2007


Grand champion of Montenegro

Champion of the Balkans

Champion of the Czech republic

Champion of Montenegro

Champion Federation of BiH

Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Champion of Belarussia

 Champion of republic of Bulgaria

Champion of Ukraine

Veteran Champion of the Czech Republic

Veteran Champion of Latvia

Veteran Champion of Slovakia

Veteran Champion of Poland

Best In Show - 1x

2nd place Best Veteran - 1x

1st place FCI I. group - 1x

2nd place FCI I. group - 3x

Club Winner - 1x

National Winner - 2x

Regional Winner - 3x

Best joung dog - 1x

BOB - 5x

BOS - 2x

BOV - 9x

CACIB - 4x

Res. CACIB - 4x

CAC - 17x

Res. CAC - 2x


 Master of rough collies in agility in the Czech Republic

Vicemaster of East Bohemia in agility (large dogs)

The first best rough collie in the team competition (agility)

The second best rough collie in the team competition (agility)

First place of teams in agility

Second place of teams in agility

exams: A1, A2 (agility), ZOP (obedience)


MDR1 +/-

DM +/+

DOV negative

* 9. 8. 2004 - † 26. 2. 2007